Tennis is not just for pros.
Tennis is for the Rest of Us.


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Tennis is not just for pros.
Tennis is for everyone.


Tennis Shoes & Sox – Tips for Beginners

Tennis Shoes. In tennis you need to be able to rapidly accelerate, stop, and make quick side-to-side movements in any direction. Many “tennis shoes” such as running or cross trainer shoes should not be worn to play tennis because they do not provide sufficient lateral support, and may cause your foot to roll over when side steps are made.

Real Tennis Shoes. It is best to play tennis in shoes specifically designed for tennis. When you go into a sport store, ask the clerk for tennis specific shoes. If they get a blank look on their face, ask for the manager.

Sizing. Your tennis shoes should be comfortable and should be the correct size. Fine a brand through experience that fits you best and stick with it. Tip: One trick for aiding comfort is to buy shoes that are a one-half size larger than usual so that you can wear two pairs of socks and have more cushioning.

Sox. You can buy Thorlo TX-13 Crew tennis socks, which are the best for playing tennis that I have found.

You may have taken your feet for granted. However, they are a small miracle (or large miracle in my case) and have served you well all these years. Tip: You can use an antiperspirant if sweating is a problem. Powder may help too.

Treat your feeties good and they will treat you the same way.

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