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Tennis Tom's Topspin Forehand Tips
As Shown In the Attached Photo
By Tennis Tom©2003

  • Eyes on the ball – you’ll have to take this one on faith
  • Body 90-degrees to the net – in a “closed” stance
  • My weight has shifted rearward, ready to transfer forward
  • Hitting arm in the middle of my loop with butt towards target
  • Wrist bent backward - locked throughout contact
  • Non-hitting arm extended forward for balance
  • Knees bent
  • Feet sideways to the net in a compact shuffle step


  • My swing will be from low to high to produce topspin
  • I will swing from a point about one foot below contact point
  • My racket will move upward in a straight acceleration path towards ball
  • As I swing my body weight will shift forward with the racket
  • At contact point my wrist will be bent back
  • At contact my racket will be on edge – 90-degrees to the court surface
  • The contact point will be near my waist level
  • I will contact the ball just forward of my left foot
  • As I swing my shoulders and hips will uncoil at the same time
  • My racket head will follow through high
  • My body weight will end up on my left foot
  • And, if I did it right, the whole thing will look smooth as butter


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